Our Brand New Luxury Boot Camp Accommodation


Our Brand New Luxury Boot Camp Accommodation

I’m buzzing to share some big news about our upcoming boot camps starting in July 2024! We are rolling out brand-new luxury accommodations that I honestly believe will make us one of the best boot camp retreats in the world in what we do… transforming lives and giving the ultimate luxury fitness boot camp experience!

To be honest, this upgrade has been on my mind for quite some time. I pour my heart and soul into providing the best experience for our campers. On boot camps, I always take the time to listen to feedback. Consistently, participants rave about our outstanding training, unbeatable programs, and epic meals—the only piece missing was the quality of the beds.

Well, no more! I decided it was time to make it happen! Now, every single client at every single fitness bootcamp can choose from double or twin rooms, either private or shared.

I strive to not just meet but exceed your expectations, and I know this will deliver!

Twin/Double Ensuite Rooms

We’re delighted to offer two fantastic accommodation choices

Shared Twin Room: For those who prefer to share their space with a friend/family member, or another same sex guest.

Double Room: For guests who desire privacy or are traveling with a partner or family member. You can opt for private occupancy!

All rooms come equipped with an ensuite that includes both a bath and a shower!

2x Spa and Pool Facilities

I’m also really excited to announce a major refurbishment of our gym this year, which will now include a 24-hour spa! Recovery at boot camp is vital and we are providing a world class facility for it! This is an unrivalled new aspect to our fitness camp

HOWEVER, there is not 1 BUT 2 SPAS!

Accommodation Spa: Swimming pool, sauna, steam rooms and sun lounges.

Gym Spa: Hot tub, plunge pool, sauna and floatation pods!

Closer to Our Amazing Facilities

We are the only boot camp in the UK that has its very own fully-equipped gym and training centre. Our state-of-the-art gym is designed to complement our comprehensive training program and propel your fitness journey to the next level. We are now right next to it!

Our new accommodation is in Stratford upon Avon, home to our fantastic gym! Stratford is where we launch most of our water activities like kayaking, and it’s close to our climbing centre.

Our Fitness Retreat Program Is Not Being Compromised… It’s Getting Better

I want to assure you that our recent upgrades haven’t compromised our core training program in any way. I understand some concerns have been voiced that these changes might soften our training or workouts, turning us into your average luxury retreat.

Let me be clear: that is certainly not the case.

Our program is only getting stronger. The enhancements we’ve introduced—aimed at improving recovery, relaxation, and support—are designed to complement the world class training you’ve come to expect from us. These are additions that enrich your overall experience without diluting the intensity and effectiveness of our training.

I am committed to continually raising the standard of what a residential fitness program can and should offer.

I will always be true to my values on what health should be…

Fitness Goals

My mission is to push each of our clients to achieve their true potential in physical fitness. With my deep commitment to excellence and personal growth, I am dedicated to helping you realise just how capable you truly are. We’re not just about reaching goals; we’re about surpassing them and setting new benchmarks for what you can achieve.

Health and Weight Loss

I am committed to supporting our clients’ mental and physical well-being through straightforward and effective methods. We focus on real, practical approaches to food, training, and recovery—no nonsense or bulls**t, just honest education. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in your fitness and health journey.


I believe in leading by example and encouraging our clients to embrace the fun and adventure life has to offer. After all, we only live once! Let’s make the most of every moment, challenge ourselves, and enjoy the journey. Being fit and healthy for life provides those opportunities deep down we all seek. Adventure provides ultimate happiness in life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update. I truly enjoy keeping you all informed about what’s happening here and sharing little nuggets of wisdom about health and fitness to keep you inspired on your healthy journey!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need advice

Take care, stay safe, and speak soon!


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