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Three Peaks Challenge

Included in the price:

• Travel arrangements (you just need to get to Stratford upon Avon to our gym where you can leave your car in our private car park)

• Camping fees

• Tents (we have 2 and 3 man tents and will partner people with friends and family)

• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner




2nd May – Sold Out

6th June – Sold Out

3rd October – Sold Out



1st May

2nd October

Three Peaks Challenge

Embark on a thrilling and epic journey, as you take on the challenge of a lifetime by conquering the three highest peaks in the majestic UK. It’s time to join our National 3 Peaks Challenge and set your sights on the summit! Over the course of three exhilarating nights, you’ll test your limits and experience the breath-taking beauty of these iconic peaks. It’s not just a challenge; it’s an opportunity to check off a major item from your bucket list while having a blast along the way. So, are you ready to scale new heights and create memories that will last a lifetime?

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