Boot Camp Stratford upon Avon

Stratford’s Multi Award Winning Fitness Class

Join our exceptional boot camp fitness classes in Stratford upon Avon and become a part of something extraordinary! We have been assisting hundreds of individuals in Stratford in getting seriously fit, losing weight, developing a love for exercise, and forming great friendships. We guarantee that after your free trial, you’ll be eagerly looking forward to the next session!

We are the sole boot camp in Stratford, and our sessions run throughout the year!

What Will You Be Doing in Our Classes?

In our fitness classes, you will experience the widest variety of training available in a fitness community. During our sessions, you can expect to engage in HIIT training, Tabata training, PHA training, circuit training, AMRAPs, weight training, gym workouts, conditioning, boxing, running, kettlebell training, and military-style circuits.

Additionally, you’ll have access to our Xtreme Gym in Stratford to further enhance your training and conditioning. Moreover, we offer even more activities for adults, such as kayaking on the Avon and hiking the Malvern Hills, all included in your membership!

How Fit Do You Need to Be for Our Bootcamp Classes?

Honestly, everyone is welcome at our classes, and we cater to all abilities and conditions. With over 10 years of experience and having worked with thousands of clients, we have ample knowledge and expertise in adapting workouts and exercises to suit all abilities. While we’ll challenge you, we always prioritize working within your individual abilities and limits, not anyone else’s.

Training Timetable


Home Guard Club

1830 – Boot Camp Class



Xtreme Gyms 

1830 – Boot Camp Class



Home Guard Club

1800 – Running Boot Camp

1830 – Boot Camp Class



Xtreme Gyms

0830 – Boot Camp Class

0930 – Stretching & Mobility

A Fitness Class in Stratford Like No Other - Mega Camps!

In addition to the outstanding training you receive at our boot camp, we also organize monthly Mega Camps. These weekend events, included in your membership, are designed to challenge you, infuse a sense of adventure, and, above all, make your training enjoyable. You can even involve your family and children in these activities. Each month offers a different experience with action-packed morning workouts, followed by activities like kayaking, hiking, or climbing, and concludes with lunch, BBQs, and refreshments. Mega Camp Classes are always a hit with our clients and their families!

Join a Special Fitness Community!

At James Evans Boot Camps, we foster a supportive atmosphere that challenges you while making exercise fun and engaging. Our clients often come together for events and social gatherings. Additionally, we maintain connections through our chat groups. Our individual workouts emphasize teamwork and camaraderie, allowing members of varying fitness levels to support and motivate each other, ensuring everyone achieves their best progress.

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