Watch Our Client Testimonials

Watch real clients testimonial videos where we simply ask them the same 5 questions to give you a real insight in to what training with James Evans Boot Camps is really like!

Dan joined us for 2 weeks in summer 2023 to transform his relationship with food and exercise. Being a devoted Dad he really wanted to do thing properly and he worked so hard on his camp and took so much away from his stay. He still works with James online and is getting fantastic results!

David joins us every year for his “boot camp” fix. He first came to us after the doctor had given him warnings about his health due to his weight. He weighed 17 stone at the time! Boot camp transformed his relationship with food and exercise and he know a fitness machine!

This was Carolyn’s second boot camp (you can find her first review on another video), after her first boot camp she decided to come back with partner Rick. He was looking to push himself and get back on track with fitness. They loved it so much they both have booked to come back!

Christine joined our 12 Month Weight Loss Program at the start of 2023 and has gone from strength to strength. For her age it’s so inspiring to see what she has achieved and what she does at boot camp. Proof that age is just a number!

Paul joined us on our fitness camp after lockdown. He came to explore and learn about new styles of training and really impressed himself in what he was capable of! An awesome person to train and worked really hard!

Steve joined us for a 2 week journey to reignite his fitness, and he completely excelled in his fitness boot camp! His unwavering work ethic and remarkable teamwork served as a beacon of inspiration for the group, he booked to return!

Stuart joined us on our weight loss camp to transform his mentality towards losing weight. He had followed lots of diets and fads in the past and his all or nothing approach had resulted in a lot of procrastination. He did so well and joins us yearly! 

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