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Three Peaks Challenge

Prepare to embark on an epic and daring journey, as you embrace the challenge of a lifetime: conquering the three highest peaks in the United Kingdom with our National 3 Peaks Challenge. This extraordinary adventure unfolds over the course of three exhilarating nights, making it the ultimate way to tick off a daring item from your bucket list while revelling in the thrill of a lifetime!

What Is the 3 Peaks Challenge?

Join James and his amazing team as you embark on a thrilling expedition to conquer the UK’s legendary triumvirate of peaks. Your epic adventure commences at the meeting point in the charming town of Stratford-upon-Avon, and from there, you’ll set your course for the first summit, the majestic Ben Nevis in Scotland.

During this action-packed three-night adventure, each day will be marked by conquering one of the biggest mountains in the UK. As you ascend these challenging peaks, you’ll be fulfilling a dream shared by countless adventurers, an ambition that tops many bucket lists. What makes this expedition truly exceptional is our commitment to offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity, set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, with an extraordinary group and a top-notch team dedicated to ensuring this journey becomes an unforgettable adventure.

With a maximum capacity of just 14 participants, our challenge guarantees a personal touch. James and his team will be at your side, providing not only an exhilarating adventure but also the chance to forge new friendships as you all share in the triumph of conquering these magnificent peaks!

What Are the 3 Peaks?

Mount Ben Nevis – Scotland – 1345m

Mount Scafell Pike – England – 978m

Mount Snowdon – Wales – 1085m

Is the 3 Peaks Challenge Hard?

Climbing the highest peaks in the UK is no small feat; it demands a fair amount of stamina and a respectable level of fitness, particularly in your core and legs. While you journey through these three majestic peaks, you’ll encounter uneven terrain, so if you experience knee or back pain, it’s essential to take reasonable precautions and seek the necessary support to ensure your body can handle the challenges.

Our UK 3 Peaks Challenge also requires a genuine comfort with the great outdoors and the ever-changing weather conditions. You’ll be camping at the base of these towering mountains, an integral part of the thrilling adventure.

To make this experience accessible and exhilarating for all, we’ve thoughtfully broken down the 3 peak challenge into three days, making it achievable and enjoyable for those with a basic level of fitness. If you’ve ever attended our fitness or weight loss retreats, you’ve already received ample training to prepare you for this breath-taking journey!

How to Train for 3 Peaks Challenge

You are embarking on the 3 highest peaks in UK, some training will be required for walking the three peaks. If you are a regular hiker or runner your training will most likely be sufficient for this challenge. If not being done yet, we would recommend to add a few walks in with good hiking boots and backpack, this will prepare the body for the challenge. The three peaks challenge is demanding and James will have specific 3 Peak Challenge training programs in his academy to ensure you are prepared for the adventure.

Your journey to conquer the UK’s three highest peaks is an exhilarating adventure that will require some training to fully enjoy. If you’re a seasoned hiker or runner, your existing fitness levels are likely to be a good foundation for this challenge. However, if you haven’t already begun, we highly recommend incorporating a few brisk hikes with proper hiking boots and a backpack into your routine. This not only prepares your body but also familiarizes you with the terrain you’ll encounter.

The Three Peaks Challenge is undeniably demanding, and to ensure you’re in peak condition, James has crafted specific 3 Peak Challenge training programs within his academy. These programs are designed to get you fully prepared and ready to embrace this thrilling adventure head-on.

What Is Included in Your 3 Peaks Adventure?

Included in the price:

• Travel arrangements (you just need to get to Stratford upon Avon to our gym where you can leave your car in our private car park)

• Camping fees

• Tents (we have 2 and 3 man tents and will partner people with friends and family)

• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


What you need to provide:

• Hiking gear

• Your choice of sleeping arrangement (roll mat, blow-up mattress)

• Sleeping bag

• Wash bag

• Suitable clothing

Rest assured, we’ll provide a detailed itinerary to keep you on track and ensure a seamless adventure.

The Three Peaks Challenge Itinerary

Day 1

0600 – Departure from Stratford upon Avon for Ben Nevis Camp Site

1800 – Camp setup, then a camp fire dinner with games and music


Day 2

0500 – Rise and shine, it’s breakfast time

0600 – Ben Nevis hike

1400 – Bus journey to Scafell Pike Camp

1800 – Camp setup followed another satisfying camp fire dinner with games and music


Day 3

0500 – Another early start, with breakfast to fuel you

0600 – Scafell Pike hike

1400 – Bus to Snowdon Camp

1800 – Camp setup and, of course, camp fire dinner with music and games


Day 4

0500 – Wake up and breakfast

0600 – Conquer Snowdon

1400 – Bus ride back to Stratford upon Avon

Private and Exclusive Challenge

Desire to take on this incredible challenge with a private group or for a bespoke work event? No worries! We can coordinate an exclusive adventure tailored to your preferences and availability. Our customized 3 Peaks Challenges are ideal for companies, sports teams, communities, and large families. We offer flexibility in scheduling, conducting these remarkable expeditions between the months of April and October. Your adventure, your way.

Price for exclusive camp – £4199 (max 14 people)

Book Your Adventure

To secure your spot for this thrilling adventure, simply book through the website and follow the easy booking process. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are dedicated to ensuring that this becomes an adventure of a lifetime for you. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey!

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