How to Kick Start Weight Loss

How to Kick Start Weight Loss

In today’s world, many individuals seek assistance in losing weight, facing both mental and physical challenges along the way. It can feel like navigating a minefield, especially amidst numerous conflicting ‘expert’ opinions, leading to overwhelming feelings and the fear of inevitable failure. Frankly, this prevalent struggle is a significant factor driving many to join my boot camps.


In today’s world, many individuals seek assistance in losing weight, facing both mental and physical challenges along the way. It can feel like navigating a minefield, especially amidst numerous conflicting ‘expert’ opinions, leading to overwhelming feelings and the fear of inevitable failure. Frankly, this prevalent struggle is a significant factor driving many to join my boot camps.

The First Step to Losing Weight

To initiate a successful and sustainable weight loss journey, it’s crucial to adhere to these steps! It’s crucial to learn how to naturally lose weight

Step 1 - Work Out How Many Calories You Burn a Day Doing Nothing

Establishing a solid foundation is crucial when taking your first step in weight loss! The key principle lies in maintaining a calorie deficit. Begin by determining your daily basal metabolic rate—the calories burned at rest. While general recommendations hover around 2000 for women and 2500 for men, a personalized understanding of your daily expenditure is invaluable. Many smartwatches offer tools for this purpose. For a more in-depth insight, explore my tutorial tailored to calculating your specific calorie burn, available at the James Evans Academy.

Step 2 - Deciding How Much You Want to Train and Work Out

Once you’ve gauged your daily calorie expenditure, the subsequent step involves determining your desired workout frequency and intensity. There’s no singular ‘right’ way to train; the crucial aspect is to select exercises and a regimen that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Avoid the misconception that more training equates to faster weight loss—it’s not an effective strategy. In my experience, as clients increase their workouts, their appetite follows suit. It’s a simple equation: more training often leads to consuming more calories. Starving the body isn’t the answer; it only leads to dissatisfaction and hampers the kick-start phase. When you establish your workout frequency, you’ll gain a general idea of your daily calorie burn.

Step 3 - Working Out Your Calorie Deficit

Having determined your daily calorie burn, the next step is creating a calorie deficit—an essential factor for weight loss. Simply put, a calorie deficit means consuming fewer calories than your body expends. It’s the fundamental principle behind achieving weight loss. A recommended starting point is aiming for a 500-calorie deficit. Going below this threshold restricts flexibility, while exceeding it may lead to feeling deprived, initiating a nutrition plan that’s challenging to sustain.

Step 4 - Create Your Own Nutrition Plan or “Diet”

Taking charge of your nutrition is pivotal in conquering struggles with weight and food. Once you’ve identified your target numbers, it’s time to step away from generic meal plans and craft your personalized approach, create your own nutrition plan! This is precisely the method I advocate for all my clients, and it’s proven remarkably successful. Embrace foods you enjoy, ones that don’t isolate you from social gatherings. Essentially, adopt a flexible approach — eat what you love while leaning towards healthier choices.

On a personal note, this transformative approach reshaped my own life and relationship with food. Battling eating disorders and a tumultuous connection with meals during my upbringing was mentally taxing. However, following these steps helped me overcome these challenges, fostering a positive relationship with food. Crafting my nutrition plan involved purchasing recipe books from favourite chefs and adjusting recipes in MyFitnessPal to align with my body’s needs. The result? I’m shedding weight while relishing delicious, award-winning meals! You too can embark on this journey

What Diet Is Best to Kick Start Fat Loss?

Kick starting a diet rarely achieve great results. Consistent research reveals that conventional weight loss plans, quick-fix boot camps, and generic fat loss literature yield short-term results at best. There’s no universal ‘best’ diet for weight loss. The most effective ‘diet’ is the one that’s sustainable and enjoyable for you. As mentioned earlier, educating yourself on calorie fundamentals empowers you to design your personalized nutrition plans.

What Exercise Should I Do for Weight Loss?

When it comes to exercise, focusing solely on weight loss can be misleading. As we’ve established, weight loss hinges on maintaining a calorie deficit, where exercise plays no direct role. For instance, while science touts HIIT training as an efficient fat-burning regimen, without a corresponding nutrition plan creating a calorie deficit, weight loss remains elusive, no matter the number of HIIT sessions.

Redirecting the focus toward performance in training can be transformative and fulfilling. Remarkably, many clients pursuing performance-driven goals, be it a marathon, triathlon, or strength competition, experience greater success in their weight loss journeys. The motivation derived from achieving these milestones is remarkable.

I encourage you to discover a fitness goal that resonates with you, irrespective of its nature. Let it be something that truly motivates you. By doing so, not only will weight loss become more achievable, but the journey will also become immensely gratifying.

Best Tips for Weight Loss

  • Avoid following generic diets or online programs as they lack specificity for individual needs.

  • Steer clear of rapid weight loss retreats or fat camps, as they often lead to the creation of eating disorders, and the weight loss achieved is seldom sustainable.

  • Empower yourself by delving into the basics of nutrition, understanding calories, and taking control of your dietary choices.

  • Craft a personalized nutrition plan that aligns with your preferences and includes foods you genuinely enjoy.

  • Shift focus away from exercising solely for weight loss. Instead, set performance goals and train to accomplish them, fostering a more fulfilling and motivating fitness journey.

Need Help Losing Weight?

I am a firm believer that once you grasp the basics and follow the steps outlined in this blog, losing weight becomes not just simple but also enjoyable and sustainable. The effectiveness of this approach is evident through the success stories of thousands of clients trained at my Academy and residentials.

For those who feel they could use some extra support, I’m here for you. My weight loss boot camps are designed to provide the necessary assistance, dedicating the time needed to empower and educate you on the fundamentals. By the end of the camp, you’ll leave with a clear understanding of your journey.

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In addition, my online training program extends support and education to clients aiming to kickstart their weight loss journey. Through tutorials and personalized online sessions, we ensure you are confident in utilizing all the tools necessary for a successful and sustainable weight loss.

I genuinely hope this blog serves as a valuable resource and inspires you to take the right steps towards enjoying your weight loss journey. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


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